Passion for innovation leads to Chambers for Multiple Produce

Produce: Banana, Sweet lime, Lemon


The client, Mr. Milind was an electrical engineer by profession. But his passion for agriculture was driving him to enter the fruit ripening and selling business. He was looking for proper guidance, technical know-how and turn-key solutions. His vision was to create a retail brand for various fruits.

For his vision of creating a retail brand we started with two chambers of twelve metric ton each. Mr. Milind conducted many innovative experiments in this setup. Apart from ripening mangoes and bananas, he tried de-greening applications for sweet lime and lemon.

Recently, his enterprise launched a retail brand called “Goodly” for multiple fruits. They have Chambers for Multiple Produce launched with Banana and subsequently add Mangoes and other fruits. The “Goodly” brand has received an approval from “Food Safety & Standards Authority of India- FSSAI”.

This is AgroRipe’s classic example of end-to-end implementation.

Category :

Fruits Ripening

Client :

Alchemy Processors Pvt. Ltd. , Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar.

Date :

January 30, 2024
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