Banana Project at Mumbai

Produce: Banana


The problem was unique. Client was supplying large quantities of banana, about fifty tons per day to retailers, who were ripening those bananas in conventional and crude methods. For Mr. Meher, absence of his own ripening chambers and related knowledge of ripening technology was a serious concern. The ripening process had to be sub-contracted at times, which resulted into huge consequent losses in terms of money and quality of banana produce.


A renowned fruit merchant, Mr. Shantanu Meher met us at Agricultural Exhibition in 2007 and initiated discussion with AgroRipe. Several visits and brain-storming sessions led to the establishment of four rooms of ten metric tons capacity at Turbe, Navi Mumbai in their existing work-shop shed in March 2008.

Our focused efforts and expertise resulted in a major leap in ripened banana market, in a short span of just three weeks. Confidence level in operating the plant increased as professional operational training was given by AgroRipe to their working staff. As a result sales turnover increased radically. The capital investment was recovered before the year end. The client was satisfied with project performance and results.

Second venture

The client soon made expansion plan at Bhivandi, Mumbai in 2009. AgroRipe shouldered the entire project responsibility right from the site selection. After site finalization and other formalities, five chambers of twenty metric ton capacities each were installed and commissioned by AgroRipe. The project was executed under government subsidy scheme of National Horticulture Mission. This setup brought about strength, stability and growth for the client in this ever growing banana business.

Third venture in the process

In 2011, the client made more business expansion at Thane. This time we established 375 metric ton facility of five chambers for them.

Category :

Fruits Ripening

Client :

Yash Agro Fresh, Byculla, Mumbai.

Date :

January 30, 2024
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