Plate Freezer

A plate freezer is a type of freezer used for rapidly freezing food products. It typically consists of multiple flat plates that are chilled to very low temperatures. These plates have refrigerant circulating through them, which absorbs heat from the food products placed between the plates.

The key features and details of plate freezers include:

Design: Plate freezers have a compact design with a series of flat plates stacked together. These plates can be made of materials with high thermal conductivity, such as aluminum.

Rapid Freezing: The primary advantage of plate freezers is their ability to freeze food quickly due to the direct contact between the product and the cold plates. This rapid freezing helps preserve the quality of the food by minimizing ice crystal formation.

Efficiency: Plate freezers are known for their energy efficiency compared to some other freezing methods. The direct contact between the plates and the product allows for efficient heat transfer.

Applications: Plate freezers are commonly used in frozen food industry for items like fruits, vegetables,meat,Ready to Eat (RTE), Fruit Pulps,Meat Etc .

Batch Freezing: These freezers are often used for batch freezing, where a specific quantity of food products is loaded onto the plates for simultaneous freezing. Suitable for 150-200kg/Batch Capacity.It takes 4-5 Hrs to complete Freezing till product core Temp -18 to -20 Deg C

Hygiene: Plate freezers are designed to meet hygiene and food safety standards. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them suitable for food processing environments.

Control Systems: Modern plate freezers may incorporate advanced control systems to manage freezing parameters, ensuring optimal results for different types of food products.

Cost: Plate freezers are Very Economic as compare to Blast Freezers& their operational efficiency and rapid freezing capabilities can lead to cost savings over time.

In summary, plate freezers offer a fast and efficient freezing method, making them valuable in industries where quick and high-quality freezing of food products is crucial.

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