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Advance Agro Ripe Pvt. Ltd.  is a professional company based in Pune (INDIA) managed by technocrats and management professionals, with over 25 years of hard-core experience in manufacturing and service industries. We are proud to offer ‘One Stop Solutions’ for Cold Chain systems, Scientific Fruit-Ripening and Preservation, Cold Storage, Pre-cooling and Controlled Atmosphere, Integrated Multi Commodity Pack House, Frozen Food Cold Storage, and Freezer Room Plant, mostly for Horticulture and Agricultural Produces Throughout India.

To Provide unique, innovative Technological tools for food Preservation Industries.

Utilise India’s food Blessings for Humanity of health.

  • Focus on novel business ideas.
  • Practice high ethical standards.
  • Respect & Protect Environment.

We have pioneered several user-friendly systems in post-harvest management.We wish to inform you that our company engineers are ‘Grade A’ certified by IEI (Institution of Engineers) Chartered Engineer &  ‘National Horticultural Board’ (Under Govt. Of India) for ‘Planning & Designing of Cold Chain Infrastructure.’

We are empanelled with SFAC (Under Government of India) for preparation of Detailed Business Project Report (DPR) for setting up Cold Chain Infrastructure. We have served more than hundreds of happy customers in the past, with installation of our systems generating cash flows for our customers.

We offer complete Turnkey Supply, Installation and Technical Project Consultancy with timely execution of projects. Pre-project Consultancy will cover Site lay-outing, Basic Data Sheet Preparation, Technical Consultation and offering viable business road map for value added Cold Chain Systems.

Advantages to using Technology Consultancy

    • Agro Ripe is neutral party, and is able to offer an objective assessment, which brings reliability while dealing with problems and situations.


    • Agro Ripe as a Consultant are honest and tell you when a facility does not make sense. They may offer insights and other guidance about what might be changed to make a facility work. It can include alteration in its size, construction materials, or other relevant factors.


    • Being experienced and aware about the market conditions, Agro Ripe can provide realistic assessments of how much of that market might be captured by a new business. Often this experience can help an owner avoid common mistakes and challenges associated with a new facility. Business plans often tend to take an optimistic view about their business standing in a market, and Agro Ripe can verify if whether such assumptions are reasonable or not.


  • Consultants can be connected with key players in industry with access to information that might not be readily available. This information can be utilised on a confidential basis to check the validity of assumptions. Thus project promoters can address issues before they turn out to become a problem.

Most importantly, Agro Ripe can assist with filling out documentation like Technical Basic Data sheets, Layouts, Liasoning with other technology people when applying for loans and subsidies with due attention to details. With easy and quick fulfilment of formalities, implementation of the project becomes a happier experience.

Know More About Us


The year 2007, Mr. Sunil Bhat realised that not even one tenth of the available  post-harvesting technologies   for scientific fruit ripening and preservation are utilised by the Indian Market. Many new technologies in this field were limited to only discussions and debates in the universities. The bigger challenge was to percolate this technology till the grass root level. The task was not at all easy, given the fact that there was no awareness regarding this subject. Those who were closely linked with this trade or business were unfortunately not interested in implementing the technology. Within such hazy and ignorant scenario, Mr. Bhat as an experienced engineer took this herculean task of generating awareness and spreading  technology for overall   benefit of producers as well as buyers.




The pioneering Scientific Fruit-Ripening Chamber for our customer was set-up in 2008, in Pune, India.The acceptance of this venture was phenomenal within fruit retailers and buyers. In a matter of just four months,the chamber capacity was raised from four to forty tons. The acceptance of this new technology gave a radical transformation,which encouraged AgroRipe in their entrepreneurial endeavours. By the end of 2010, we had completed implementation of about 100 chambers adding together more than 2000 tons in Pune Fruit and Vegetables Market. Subsequently, AgroRipe delivered its solutions to other parts of Maharashtra and rest of India. AgroRipe added more solutions such as Multi-Commodity cold storage for preservation, Ripening and Degreening applications.



Meet Our Team


Sunil Bhat

CEO & Founder

Rohit Kate

General Manager

Pratik Bhosale

General Manager

Navnath Pilane

Production Manager
We’re always looking for talented Engineers and staff who has a passion for the Food Processing industry join our team.
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