IIHR Experimental Chambers, a purposeful initiative

Produce: Banana, Mango, Papaya, Tomato


Dr. Gopalkrishna Rao, former Head, Post Harvest Technology Department IIHR, contacted AgroRipe in 2008 for setting up scientific fruit ripening chamber for conducting experiments on various fruits.


With its quality and excellence, AgroRipe got the supply order for the required gas chromatography. The chamber was supplied with Pre-fill Ethylene (5%) cylinder, gas dosing control units with electrochemical based Ethylene gas sensors and infrared based carbon Di-oxide sensors for accurate gas control in a controlled atmosphere room. Five Micron water particle humidifier were also supplied with suitable humidity controller with refrigeration unit for temperature and RH management.

AgroRipe installed and commissioned this facility to full customer satisfaction. This unit is successfully running at IIHR.

Category :

Fruits Ripening

Client :

Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (IIHR) , Hessarghatta, Bengaluru.

Date :

January 30, 2024
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