An apple a day…Revolution in Apple Business in Pune

Produce: Shimla & Kashmir Apples, Pears, Imported Fruits


The client was a large scale wholesaler mainly in apples, which were stocked in conventional ammonia-based cold storages, 40 km away on the outskirts of Pune. The client had to pass heavy city traffic to reach the cold storage locations and take fruits based on daily selling projections. These projections often proved to be incorrect thus leading to the perishing of a large quantity of quality fruits.


AgroRipe suggested a modular cold storage of ten to twenty metric ton capacity to avoid the wastage of fruits, efforts and money in transporting and keeping them back into conventional cold storage.

Initially they were ready to build two tier two cold rooms at their existing workplace. AgroRipe customized them in oblong and semi circular shape with full space optimization. The project was executed in 2010. Additional two tier two chambers were added by 2011. In addition to the client’s progress and prosperity this proved to be a major revolution in apple business in Pune.

Category :

Fruits Ripening

Client :

M/s Prakash Motiram, Gultekadi Market Yard, Pune.

Date :

January 30, 2024
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