New venture with a Comprehensive approach

Produce: Banana


Mr. Sanjay Kanchan was into jewelry and construction business, was interested in diversifying into fruit ripening chambers. Considering his need for assistance in technical know-how and turn-key support, AgroRipe initiated active involvement in assisting Mr. Kanchan. From NHB subsidy application, Detailed Project Report (DPR), liaisons with respective authorities, technical support and final installation of the Ripening rooms, Agroripe assisted in the project.


Five chambers of 20 metric ton capacity each were set up at the client’s farm site within a record time of three weeks in 2011. All the staff at the project site was trained in effective material handling for better ripening results. Experiments in ripening of Mangoes were conducted successfully during summer 2012.

AgroRipe further helped the client by representing their case at the National Horticulture Mission office by way of video presentation to clear their files for sanction of subsidies.

Ripening is now in full swing at ‘Chakradhar Agro’. Expansion plans for more horticultural products are in the pipeline. Dr. R. K. Sharma (Sr. Deputy Director) National Horticulture Board New Delhi visited this site in November 2011 and appreciated the user-friendly, simple, cost effective technology provided by AgroRipe.

Category :

Fruits Ripening

Client :

M/s. Chakradhar Agro, Urali Kanchan, Solapur Road, Pune.

Date :

January 30, 2024
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